Nutrition counseling tailored to your needs and lifestyle.
Learn how healthier eating can enhance your life with nutritionist Lauren Mirkin.
Lauren I. Mirkin is a board-certified holistic nutritionist with more than 20 years' experience helping people of all ages discover and experience the benefits of healthier eating.

Lauren's counseling is based on modern nutritional science and the latest approaches in mind-body wellness.  An eclectic and open-minded practitioner, she draws on the most effective, useful tools and techniques from a variety of sources - both mainstream and alternative - to guide clients in their journey toward improved physical, mental and emotional health and inner wellness.

Her work centers on helping clients become aware of what and how they eat, and creating with them a personalized eating plan that is both practical and therapeutic.  Along with conducting in-depth interviews and administering specially designed questionnaires, Lauren interprets clients' bloodwork and other doctor-ordered diagnostic tests from a nutritional standpoint.  Her goal is to help clients understand their nutritional challenges and set realistic, attainable goals.  An essential part of Lauren's approach is recognizing how clients' eating patterns are affected by their family and work routines, and helping them identify the best strategies to achieve positive and meaningful changes.

Lauren collaborates effectively with primary-care physicians and medical specialists, as well as chiropractors, acupuncturists and other healthcare practitioners.  She can assist clients with following medically required diets, as well as provide additional nutritional support to enhance the effectiveness of other therapies and help clients manage and overcome acute or chronic health challenges.

Your individualized program may include:
Personalized eating plan
Nutritional supplementation
Exercise recommendations
Nutritional interpretation of laboratory results
Techniques for coping with emotional
  and stress-induced eating
Problem-solving skills for food-related dilemmas
Instruction in healthy cooking and meal preparation
Kitchen 'makovers' and tours of supermarkets
  or healthfood stores
Guidance on educational and supportive resources:
  books, DVD's, websites, periodicals, organizations

Professional Affiliations:
Lauren I. Mirkin, BS, CN, BFRP, has a degree in nutrition science from Rutgers University and is board-certified as a holistic nutritionist by the National Association of Nutritional Professionals.  She earned her Certified Nutritionist designation from American Health Science University.

Lauren is also a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and holds a diploma in homeopathy from Westbrook University. 
She has extensive training and experience in the use of herbs and nutritional supplements.

One of Lauren's main professional interests is weight management.  She has conducted weight-management education and support groups for the past seven years, and has written on the topic for local newspapers.  She has also spoken about holistic approaches to weight management and other health issues for schools and community organizations.